Fake translate for Anon group

These guys are easy to trick.

[20:34] joepie91: من صحبت می کنند زبان
[20:36] Cybix: ?
[20:36] joepie91: Yes, I speak the Farci
[20:36] Cybix: are you fluent in farci?
[20:36] Cybix: fluent?
[20:36] joepie91: It is my native
[20:36] Cybix: ok, would you translate something 4 us?
[20:37] joepie91: Yes, of course sir
[20:38] Cybix: To the noble people of Iran,
[20:38] Cybix: We know how great you are. You have been killed, jailed, tortured and silenced by the illegal regime which has hijacked your country for the past thirty-two years. Yet you still rose up last year against a force that you knew meant you harm. They may kill one person every eight hours, but they can't kill your fighting spirit. They can't kill your freedom. Know that Anonymous supports you. Know tha
[20:38] Cybix: srrasfds
[20:38] Cybix: t you are not alone.
[20:38] Cybix: sorry
[20:38] Cybix: http://pastebin.com/GRJWiA5L
[20:38] Cybix: if you could translate that to farci, that would be good
[20:38] Cybix: then up it to pastebin
[20:38] joepie91: this will take short while, you will wait please
[20:56] joepie91: okay, i have translated sir
[20:56] Cybix: can u upload to pastebin plase
[20:57] joepie91: i think it makes not so much sense if i translate ending
[20:57] joepie91: We are Anonymous. etc
[20:57] joepie91: but I did translate for you anyway
[20:58] Cybix: no worries
[20:59] joepie91: sir are you ready for transmission
[20:59] Cybix: yes
[20:59] Cybix: upload it on pastebin.com
[21:00] joepie91: for my people, i give to you http://pastebin.com/[removed]
[21:02] Cybix: thank you sir
[21:02] Cybix: would you be willling to use your voice
[21:02] Cybix: for an anonops video?
[21:02] joepie91: No sir, they will catch me
[21:03] Cybix: loool
[21:03] Cybix: ok
[21:06] Cybix: umm
[21:06] Cybix: thats fucked text
[21:06] Cybix: lol?
[21:06] joepie91: what do you mean?
[21:06] Cybix: just got some farci people to read it over
[21:06] Cybix: they say its all wrong
[21:06] Cybix: doesnt make sense
[21:06] Cybix:
[21:06] joepie91: no sir, its persian like you ask
[21:06] joepie91: it is my native
[21:06] Cybix: farci*
[21:06] Cybix: you mean
[21:06] Cybix: lol
[21:06] joepie91: no sir, we don't speak farci
[21:06] joepie91: we speak persian
[21:06] joepie91: you are describing our language wrong
[21:07] joepie91: You are thinking of Farsi, not Farci
[21:07] Cybix: yes
[21:07] joepie91: and Farsi is no the correct name of our language
[21:07] joepie91: I wish you will read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_language please
[21:08] joepie91: you will see, we are speak and write persian, no farsi
[21:08] Cybix: arkjhakjfhsdg
[21:08] Cybix: ok
[21:08] Cybix: brb
[21:08] joepie91: you will free our people but you do not know our language name?
[21:19] Cybix: your right
[21:19] Cybix: it is correct
[21:19] Cybix: and so is ur text
[21:19] Cybix: I don't know what they are saying
[21:20] joepie91: yes sir, maybe that are not from my land

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I'm tired of running.
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