Impersonation is too easy?

Wow, these guys haven’t got two brain cells to rub together.

I set my nickname to joepie91, join anonops and then join iranserv and I got admins messaging me left right and center disclosing all kinds of shit.

FYI, same people running the iranserv as were running the anonops servers – minus a couple faces.

[20:27] arash: joepie91 did the other net just die?
[20:27] arash: joepie91 did the other net just die?
[20:34] joepie91: was idling, yes it did
[20:34] arash: wow
[20:35] arash: they are attacking here now
[20:39] arash: hahaahaa i love this servers
[20:39] arash: they dont move
[20:39] joepie91: that's what I'm talking about
[20:40] arash: did you /map
[20:40] arash: ?
[20:40] arash: they are crazy
[20:40] arash: i asked for one dedicated server
[20:40] arash: and they did 15
[20:40] arash: when it comes to fighting islamic regime iranians are generous
[20:42] joepie91: Well they've got a history for it
[20:42] You were promoted to operator by arash.
[20:42] Deviant was promoted to operator by arash.
[20:42] arash: hmm i cant admin u
[20:43] arash: shitstorm is needed for that
[20:43] arash: tho its not needed at all
[20:43] • arash hates irc rankings
[20:43] joepie91: it's alright


[20:25] joepie91: what other shit you seen floating around?
[20:25] TarenCapel: well that main page with the evo hax notice
[20:26] TarenCapel: I hadnt see that wordpress
[20:26] TarenCapel: I pasted something last night,
[20:26] TarenCapel: and someone on twitter offered FGH a copy of the ryan dossier
[20:26] TarenCapel: HFG really wants to know about Ryan
[20:26] TarenCapel: I am moving, back in 20 minutes - sorry!
[20:29] TarenCapel disconnected from the server.



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I'm tired of running.
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