How did you know joepie91 was Ryan Cleary?

So this is what I keep getting asked. How did I know that joepie91 was really Ryan Cleary.

Well firstly, I spent a lot of time trolling the IRC servers in hope of disrupting the anon group. And it worked, I managed to cause many arguments between high ranking members and scared many impressionable users away from running LOIC to attack websites. Anyway, during my stay, it was easy to see that both Ryan Cleary and Joepie91 talk and act exactly the same.

But the biggest give away? During one of my trolling sessions against joepie91, I received an email from someone wanting to help me troll the IRC servers. Obviously I was suspicious but I kept going with some back and forth before calling him out as joepie91. Sure enough, he lost his temper and threw back an abusive email saying how he’s going to DDoS me blah blah blah. Bad move for him. 30 minutes of googling and following back his email to different sites, domains etc and I worked out that the email he was using basically led back to a suposed scam that Ryan Cleary had pulled off in the past.

So are they the same person? I would say yes, most likely.

It’s also interesting that they’ve both stopped posting online or showing up in the forums are near enough the same time (this June 2011).

About anonymousjoepie91

I'm tired of running.
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